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Hope to see you next week

Dear Ward 5 neighbors, 

You are invited to celebrate Ward 5 Day with us next Saturday, August 26, at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. We will kick off a series of pop-up events leading up to Ward 5 Day this Sunday. I provide more details and specifics below. 

But first, I want to follow up on the devastating flooding our community experienced on Monday from Mt. Olivet Road NE to Rhode Island Ave. NE, and many places in between. I extend condolences to the many victims traumatized by being trapped in cars, needing to be rescued by Fire and EMS, and those who tragically lost their pets at District Dogs. We must now contend with more severe weather due to climate change, but that doesn’t excuse our city from taking meaningful steps to keep residents safe.