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Last Call for Ward 5 Award Nominations

Dear Ward 5 neighbors, 

This week has been marked by meaningful work and conversations, many of them centered around public safety. On Tuesday evening, more than 200 neighbors joined us in-person and another 150+ joined us online for the Brookland Public Safety Community Meeting. Thank you to the many neighbors and community leaders who joined us, as well as MPD Acting Chief Pamela Smith, Fifth District Commander Sylvan Altieri, Attorney General Brian Schwalb, Metro Transit Police Department Captain Stephen Boehm, and Ward 5 Violence Prevention Network Director William Shelton for attending and speaking to the many urgent issues and how we will work together to stem the tide of crime in Ward 5. 

As promised, there are many resources we’re sharing with you in this newsletter from that meeting, including answers to questions we weren’t able to get to on Tuesday evening (we will continue to work through questions over the next 2 to 3 weeks – there are more than 150!), slides from the evening, a link to the livestream recording, and more. You can read more in the Public Safety Updates section below.

and have lots of engagements planned for our community to come together around. Check out the line-up in the newsletter by clicking the button below. And don’t forget: Ward 5 Awards nominations are due by August 18! Last call! Be sure to nominate those neighbors that go above and beyond for our community, and be sure to join us on August 26 for the first-ever Ward 5 Awards Ceremony. There will be performances, food, and neighbors to celebrate.

This edition of the Ward 5 Weekly Newsletter also includes a special back-to-school section, information on North Michigan Park Day, the Black Mamas Wellness Community Day, the National Book Festival, more Jazz in Langdon Park (all tomorrow!), Chuck Brown Day, and programs to benefit from including DPR’s Fall Programs registration which opens August 15. Keep reading for more!