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Ward 5 Weekly: Budget Letter to the Mayor

Dear Ward 5 neighbors, 

Earlier this week, I transmitted my letter with Ward 5 budget requests to Mayor Bowser. I invite you to read the full letter here. The priorities included reflect input from Ward 5 neighbors through my office’s Ward 5 Budget Priorities Survey, the Ward 5 Budget Forum, and engagement with ANCscivic leaders, and community advocates. I am deeply grateful for all of the engagement, making it possible for this letter to represent your interests comprehensively.

In the letter, I emphasize my commitment to reduce childhood poverty and improve a host of wellness outcomes for some of our most vulnerable neighbors through the District Child Tax Credit. I also outline an array of Ward 5 priorities including capital investments in schools and recreation facilities, funding for critical public safety initiatives, supporting Ward 5 small businesses, meeting the needs of seniors and vulnerable communities, improving traffic safety, and more. In anticipation of a tight financial year, the letter also includes potential revenue drivers and recommendations on areas where spending can be cut

Click below to read the newsletter and catch the many other Ward 5 updates you can always find in each week’s edition.